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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Tomorrow is "D" day!!!

I feel like today is my last day to live!!! Tomorrow is back to work and then Girl Scouts! Not to mention I haven't even thought about what we are going to do at GS tomorrow night!! Well enough of that~
Here's a picture of my Orange sewing room! The art work on the wall is from~
Starting from the top right corner~
Teesha Moore ~
Camilla Rose Garcia ~
Michael DeMeng ~
Randi Feuerhaelm-Watts ~
I just love looking at my wall of wonderful art!! See it's not as Orange as you thought now is it??

I feel like I am making some progress with my projects today!! I made the girls at work those fleece blankets that you tie at the ends last Christmas~ well their dogs took them over so I bought fleece to make the dogs one and finally a year later completed the task!!!Yeah, 1 project down 500 to go~

I also started one of the Bandana quilts that I had staring at me~ it's orange and a dark red I'm thinking it would make a good lap quilt for my sewing room~ no picture of it yet but I plan on getting it done real soon. I did however whip up this apron from a flour sack and a placemat! I love it~ ya know how you have a vision and most of the time it doesn't turn out like your vision? Well this one did! Yeah!!

Ok, one more picture!! I washed wool this weekend and yes my house smells bad! But here's how dirty it was~ you can't even see my hand!

Gotta run maybe I can get something else finished before I hit the hay!!




At 9:56 PM, Blogger sf said...

I am still working on the canvas for ya!!

At 12:51 PM, Blogger artmom said...

I have an orange living room, and I love it. Orange is really cool, especially to display your art. I'm taking your class at ArtFiberFest this summer. Looking foreword to meeting you then.


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