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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year~ New Projects!!

I have been thinking of my resolution for 3 days now and Here's what I have come up with!
*Look people in the eye when I'm walking by, or even when I exchange words~ I think it's a self esteem thing but I always kick myself after the moment has pasted that I should have made eye contact!
*Finish projects~ I have lots of great idea's now I have to excute them!!

We made family ones on New year's eve here they are~
* Eat at the table as a family (my daughter came up with that one)
* Spend more time together (my son's idea)
* To make healthier meals (mine)
* To get us in shape (dad's)

On another note~ I'm not sure if any of you had mother's like this but when I was little and had to go to the bathroom in a public place we had to line the seat with toilet paper~ I'm guessing there's alot of people out there like this that's why they have those seat covers! Well while on a retreat with my friend Tawnya, she's a nurse, informed me that I couldn't catch anything from sitting on a toilet seat~ so I have broke my toilet lining habit and now I just wipe the seat , don't want anyone else pee on meee! Now every time I go potty in public I think of Tawnya!!

Here's one of my projects that I finished!! Her name is LuLu I can't get the picture right side up so I hope you don't get a kink in your neck:)

That's all for now~ I have to get the boiling wool off the stove before hubby comes home and has a fit over the barn yard smell!!!




At 7:11 PM, Blogger Laurie said...


Those paper toilet seat liners are called ASS GASKETS.

Love ya,

Your Step Monster In Law


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