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My Logo for life is~ "Life is to short to keep good stories to yourself" so with that said I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoy living them!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Little gifts

It's a cold one today!!! but I'm always cold~ my husband says if because I'm cold hearted, sometimes I am but not always:)
I made 2 charms and a key chain for my friends at work~ 2 of the charms are of their dogs, no they have no children yet so they pour all their love on to their dogs! and the key chain is for my secret Santa at work ~ he loves his old car and I had taken a picture of it with one of my Lomo camera's this summer and made it into a key chain for him! My Friend Barbe sent me a solder necklace for Christmas along with a key chain of Betty and some earrings that ROCK ~ she is a soldering Queen, she's so good at it I might have to take a trip to San Fran to get some lesson!Toots,



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