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Thursday, December 01, 2005

I got Scammed~

Well I feel like a DORK! I got scammed on eBay! I won a bid for one of my girls, well she's not mine since I never got her, and the person only excepted money orders and none of the names matched up so I was a little nervous but thought I should trust people so I sent my money order as I said I would and never got her!! And now the person is no longer a registered eBay user!! Lesson learned trust my first instincts!!!
We took the plunge on the 11th of Nov. And bought a little piece of Heaven up north, well in Michigan we have an "up north" and everyone goes there for labor day, 4th of July , memorial day or any long weekend. My husband has been aching to have his own place for a long time now and we have been trying to get a loan for 2 months, they don't want to seem to loan you money for a house with no power!! But all worked out and I have never seen him this happy. It's wonderful when a dream comes true!! Here's Betty with the cabin in the back ground~ yes she went to the closing with us but she had to stay in my purse!!


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