Lampes Lumps

My Logo for life is~ "Life is to short to keep good stories to yourself" so with that said I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoy living them!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

I should be a better Poster to my Blog!

You'd think with my time off that I would be posting daily! Oh, I do think of it everyday I am just to lazy to do it!!
I am in the process of Painting and Organizing my sewing room~ It's Orange with a brownish orange color for the trim. My husband says when he's in the room he feels like he got swallowed up by an Orange! Not to mention whenever he paints our room~ which is in the middle of being painted cowboy boot brown, he thinks he smells chocolate!!
I still feel like I have so much to do and so little time! Isn't that how it works I guess! I think if I finished all my projects and what nots' there would just be more around the corner!
Here's a picture of my Moose, my daughter had to put her doll hat one him, he didn't mind!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

What's in my Purse?

Well I was reading Camilla's Blog and she did this and I thought it was a cool idea so here it is~ I dumped my purse out and took a picture ~ now this isn't how it fell out or else you wouldn't be able to see anything. I do carry a large purse!~

Ok let's see what we have here:

2 cameras~ one is a color splash, never know when that lomo picture might pop up!

Wallet & change purse~ don't know why.

Lip gloss, chapstick, lip stick and more than one of each~ never know what you'll be wearing!

Advil~ for one of those days.

$2 winning lottery ticket~ almost not worth the effort.

receipts, deposit slips for me and work~but nicely in an envelope!

Christmas card from the Boss with a little moola in it!

JoAnn's ad and a Christmas as that my husband wants~ didn't get it don't think I would get it in time!

PonyTail holders

Powder for those shiny days.

Keys and 1 set isn't even mine!

Bouncy Ball~ don't know where that came from.

Airfreshener for the car~ doesn't belong in my purse or does it?

Necklace Barbe Saint John gave me for x-mas


Film in case I run out!

Lamb tape measure~ never know when you need to know how long something is.

1 glove~ where's the other one??


Breath mints


Necklace that my daughter has to make

I think that is it!

I have to go clean it all up now!



Monday, December 19, 2005

First Day off!

It was my first day off and I couldn't get anything done! I kept going from one thing to another and not finishing much! But I did finish 2 of Goober's family members~ Honey & Andrew they are so cute I don't know if I can let them go~ they are up on my website so if you can give them a happy home they would love it~if not I will keep them for myself!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Weekend at the Cabin

My husband took the whole family, dogs too, up to the Cabin this weekend. There wasn't much to do so I spun most of the afternoon and evening yesterday and pumped one lump out today! Here's a picture of some of the lumps.

Then on the way home we noticed this "Shoe Tree" not sure why this is done but it looks cool none the less and maybe we'll even add a pair next time!!

Now I'm off for 3 weeks ~ just have to go in and do payroll after Christmas! Oh the crafting that will be going on! Stay tuned and I will post what I have created!



Wednesday, December 14, 2005

How Weird are you??

How Weird are you? Well I'm only 40% Weird ~ click the link below to find out your Weirdness!!

You Are 40% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...But too damn weird to do anything about it!
How Weird Are You?

Little gifts

It's a cold one today!!! but I'm always cold~ my husband says if because I'm cold hearted, sometimes I am but not always:)
I made 2 charms and a key chain for my friends at work~ 2 of the charms are of their dogs, no they have no children yet so they pour all their love on to their dogs! and the key chain is for my secret Santa at work ~ he loves his old car and I had taken a picture of it with one of my Lomo camera's this summer and made it into a key chain for him! My Friend Barbe sent me a solder necklace for Christmas along with a key chain of Betty and some earrings that ROCK ~ she is a soldering Queen, she's so good at it I might have to take a trip to San Fran to get some lesson!Toots,


Monday, December 12, 2005

Annalisa Rocks!

One of my customers emailed me a picture of the hat she made with one of my lumps~ here she is and isn't she just the cutest?? and the birds in the background really pull it all together! I love seeing what people make with my lumps ~ that's the best part of spinning is the finished product!

Today I got a fun package from this great online store they have fab fabrics and magzines and other stuff~ shipping to the U.S. is pricy but it seems to be the norm.
Gotta get to Craft'in!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Shaking things up!

I changed my blog lay out~ always good to keep things FRESH! Today was a day of trying to get things done! I did finally get some Christmas cookies made with my lovely daughter~ we had a nice bonding time.
Well there are only 2 member's of Goober's family left that are looking for a good home so if you know anyone that has a little love left for Butch or Simon go to my website and snatch them up!
The only project I have on the horizon, besides all the ones I already committed to or am in the process of completing, is Snail pin cushions! Hope to get some done this week!!
Here is a picture of a little lump I spun up out of cotton balls then I dyed it! See you can spin anything! pubic hair, maybe.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Holiday Crunch!

Sorry for not posting sooner but I just realized how close Christmas was!!! So much to do so little time!! If only I could stay home all day and craft and bake but no I must work, not that crafting and cooking isn't work it's just work I would enjoy much more! My daughter had "Santa's workshop" at school today and that's were they get to buy gifts for family members, she insisted that I open my gifts today! I got a lovely picture frame and this BEAUTIFUL ring!

I have been busy this week making Goober's family, if you don't know who Goober is look in past posts! I made 2 for gifts and the rest will be up on the website later this week, I just have to make button's with their names on it! So if you know anyone that could use a friend maybe one of Goober's family member's would be the perfect gift!! Here's a picture of the gang!

And this is Butch he's one of my Fav's as he is rough around the edges but once you get to know him he's just a big softie!!

Gotta get to crafting!



Thursday, December 01, 2005

I got Scammed~

Well I feel like a DORK! I got scammed on eBay! I won a bid for one of my girls, well she's not mine since I never got her, and the person only excepted money orders and none of the names matched up so I was a little nervous but thought I should trust people so I sent my money order as I said I would and never got her!! And now the person is no longer a registered eBay user!! Lesson learned trust my first instincts!!!
We took the plunge on the 11th of Nov. And bought a little piece of Heaven up north, well in Michigan we have an "up north" and everyone goes there for labor day, 4th of July , memorial day or any long weekend. My husband has been aching to have his own place for a long time now and we have been trying to get a loan for 2 months, they don't want to seem to loan you money for a house with no power!! But all worked out and I have never seen him this happy. It's wonderful when a dream comes true!! Here's Betty with the cabin in the back ground~ yes she went to the closing with us but she had to stay in my purse!!