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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's Hump day!!

Yeah Hump day, ya know middle of the week we're over the hump! Anyway just found some pictures and I wanted to post some~ First our family vacation was in Tennessee where we went to DollyWood and we found these wonderful statues of a Pickle, Tomato & potato! I couldn't stop taking pictures of them! Aren't they fun.

Then this is a picture of a window on this Kool building at DollyWood~ They had so much fun stuff to take pictures of!!

Now if any of you have little girls you'll know the "Limited Too"! and if you don't it's a girls store where the clothes are way over priced!! But while shopping the Clearance rack:) I found this fun toy that I had to buy for myself! it has a mesh thing over this ball and you squeeze the ball and it oozes out thru the holes~ well it was hot this day and mine POPPED! which was even cooler! I did get another one so no worries:)
Last one for today! This is Peelie! I made him and this is him frolicking in the wool I dyed and is laying on my back porch drying!! I am rewriting the pattern in English and will someday have a zine of patterns available on my website!




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