Lampes Lumps

My Logo for life is~ "Life is to short to keep good stories to yourself" so with that said I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoy living them!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Bubble tea?

Well Turkey Leg Day is over! We spend a nice time with my Husbands side of the family in St.Louis! got back at 2am today! No good stories:( but we did get our fill of Lion's choice, Jack in the Box & Steak and Shake!!! Yum Yum!
Has anyone ever had Bubble Tea? I just bought some to give it a try here's the website and if you have tried it let me know what you think! I don't think we'll have a Bubble Tea shop opening in Michigan anytime soon but if it's good I will make everyone in my bubble drink it!!
I've been putting up Christmas stuff and spinning my butt off today! I sold out of all my yarns today! I must get more up! One more lump before bed!
Gotta have a picture~ here's an ATC I made in a series that I've started with my girls!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

I love book stores!

Don't ya just love book stores? Especially now that they all have coffee shops! When I go to Seattle I always go to this great book store called Elliot Bay, I always get some coffee downstairs then peruse threw the books. It always feels like the books they have you can't get anywhere else, well anywhere in Michigan! I found this great book called "Hips" by Patrick Roddie it has nothing but hip shots! Here's a good one~ and for those Crocheter's or Knitter's maybe you can whip one of these up for your lovie for Christmas!!



Friday, November 18, 2005

Can't wait to sleep in!

Oh I can't wait to go to bed only cuz I don't have to get up in the morning and go to work!! How sad that I look so forward to the weekend!
One day at work I brought some "caribou" coffee in and another employee brought "Dunkin donuts" coffee in so of course we drank all of it and let me tell you I was "high" on caffeine. I know why I'm not a CrackHead cuz I don't like being that tweaked out!! I never really thought you could get a caffeine buzz but that day I'm sure some of the pep's at work just wanted to slap me!! Lesson learn don't mix coffee's!!!
Well I got the girls all together and dressed so I could take a few pictures! Here's a picture of the gang! Not all named yet ~ Veronica~Gracie~?~?~Betty. Any suggestions???????? Betty's my fav so far but I'm digging the second girl with no name!

Gotta make some art!




Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's Hump day!!

Yeah Hump day, ya know middle of the week we're over the hump! Anyway just found some pictures and I wanted to post some~ First our family vacation was in Tennessee where we went to DollyWood and we found these wonderful statues of a Pickle, Tomato & potato! I couldn't stop taking pictures of them! Aren't they fun.

Then this is a picture of a window on this Kool building at DollyWood~ They had so much fun stuff to take pictures of!!

Now if any of you have little girls you'll know the "Limited Too"! and if you don't it's a girls store where the clothes are way over priced!! But while shopping the Clearance rack:) I found this fun toy that I had to buy for myself! it has a mesh thing over this ball and you squeeze the ball and it oozes out thru the holes~ well it was hot this day and mine POPPED! which was even cooler! I did get another one so no worries:)
Last one for today! This is Peelie! I made him and this is him frolicking in the wool I dyed and is laying on my back porch drying!! I am rewriting the pattern in English and will someday have a zine of patterns available on my website!



Monday, November 14, 2005

What a Weekend!

Well I'm back! The wedding went off with out a hitch! After the wedding 2 of my friends & I went back to the hotel for a girls nite, pizza and some T.V.! that was our only choice since our husbands jumped in a car and headed to the bar without us!!! But that was ok since my feet where killing me from my Olivia Newton John Grease shoes! My sister in Law drove them around being the sober one since she is with child! My wonderful husband had eaten so much Jack in the Box he had some fierce Gas and caused her to pull over and get out of the car before she threw up!! His gas continued until Sunday nite at which time he left to go hunting! So with him gone I plan on spinning my heart out!! Here's a picture of me and 2 of my friends that were in the wedding also! Do you know which one is me???

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Fabulous Purse!!

Check out this FABULOUS Purse Sheryl made from one of my lumps! isn't she cute!! she is also sporting a "LampesLumps" shirt from cafepress!!

Today was nothing but getting crap together and making sure the kids are taken care of to having to tend to my mom who went to the hospital today! But the good news is my brother and I had a fun time together annoying all the people in the ER! I have some wax in my ears that I need to take care of, ya know those scope thingies they have in the rooms really are pretty kool! Well I 'll be back in full force on monday so don't miss me too much!

Here's a fun picture of my husband & me with a holga camera from

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Last night I whipped up my new friend Goober! he's made from those cheap garden/work gloves!! Isn't he the cutest? My daughter wanted him but I know once she tires of him he would be come a dog toy so as you can guess I told her no but she could check him out for awhile!!

And I also figured out how to change the color chips in my girls eyes! Here's the 3 new colors she is sporting these days Grey~Blue~green and oh I made her that fancy hat too!

I was sure crafting it up last nite!! I wanted to show you all one of the "Sweet Meat" Logo's I whipped up for the shirt's and stuff on cafepress. THE BACK GROUND IS NOT GREEN!! I can't seem to delete pictures from the blog once I up load them but this set up is my husbands favorite but the background is just white!!

Gotta go my son wants me to sew something for him!!



Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sweet Meat Gear!!

Well I finally got some "Sweet Meat" took some photos then ate it and yes it was good!!! Now you can get your "Sweet Meat" gear at It would make a great gift for that " Sweet Meat" in your life and let me tell you ladies your honey will loved to be called "Sweet Meat" well mine does anyway!!
Not much going on here just getting ready to go out of town again, this time to St. Louis for a wedding then we'll be back there for Thanksgiving!
I did get another girl today and I hope to have a photo shoot with all my girls so that I can creepy your socks off:) as if my Belly Button story did gross you out enough!!
A picture of a cool bubble braclet I got in Denver!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Gross BellyButton

On my way to the airport last Sunday Tawnya & I stopped at Whole Foods and grabbed a bite to eat~ I have never been to Whole Foods but let me tell you I found one in Michigan and I'm going tomorrow for there Mac n' Cheese! I moaned with every bite!! After that we stopped at Jerry's which I will tell you about later when I get more pictures back! Then to an art supply store, my belly button was hurting which I thought was from over eating and I kept messing with it, as I am a picker! I decided to take a look at it and yes I was in the middle of the art store, to my surprise there was a big green pussy ball in the hole in which I once had a belly ring, it was removed since this belly was no longer a belly that should have such a thing, I popped the pussy ball and it went a shooting, no one was injured! And a nasty smell came with it to which I at this time felt like a cross between a gorilla who picks his belly button and Mary Katherine Gallagher who sniffs her fingers! It's all better now as I know you are all worried:) Yes, I'm gross and your going down with me!!
Here's a fish eye picture of Veronica with a new pink wig!

Peace out~



Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I made a new friend!

While I was in Denver visiting my FABULOUS friend Tawnya I made another friend ~ Sarah Fishburn! We spent the day with her in Fort Collins doing some shopping, Lunch, then went to see some of her art work that was purchased by a local Woman's Clinic, then Dinner~ I had a WONDERFUL time not only with my old friend but my new one too! Here's a picture of Sarah's coffee table. If you don't know Sarah here's her website check out her art work! Oh yes while at the woman's clinic I lifted one of those thinks that tells you when your due from your last period ~ yes I know I'm a bad person but they were free from the drug reps! But come to find out the night I was taking that was also the night my sister in law found out she was pregnant! Now I get another niece or nephew Yeah!!!!

The 3 of us! Sarah, Me & Tawnya




Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My Boots

Well I'm back from my work/vacation~now for all the fun stories! I got some film back today and there was a picture of my Boots! So here's the story~ I wanted some Couch rubber rain boots for my birthday from my dear hubby which he gave me a hard time about but none the less gave me what I wanted, the day of my birthday I wanted to go about 2 hours to a fiber festival which had sheep, lama and various other things like that, I had my outfit picked out for my beloved boots~ blue caprice ,I of course brought extra shoes just encase things when ugly with my husband. Off we went then we stopped at a restaurant to eat lunch, we walk in sit down and the look of horror on his face! I said what's wrong, he replied "everyone is staring at you" , I said no their not to which he replies " that's what scares me, you don't see that everyone is looking at your boots!", so I changed shoes to be nice! But they still rock!

More stories to come!