Lampes Lumps

My Logo for life is~ "Life is to short to keep good stories to yourself" so with that said I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoy living them!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

My Girl when on a Trip!!

Well I've been busy at work and then Hubby and I went to Orlando for a business meeting without the kids!! We went to Sea World which was kinda cool not having to buy everything! I did take one of my girls~ I haven't named her yet~ I had her in my purse and I took her out when we were at the hotel bar, there wasn't many people there, and I took a few pictures of her and that's when the bartender couldn't hold in his comments any longer~ he was almost worse than my husband! My hubby enjoyed every moment, it just was a stronger force for what he says~ and they said I'm weird! That's cool cuz I like being Weird!! Here's some pictures of my no named beauty!

I was dying some Bamboo Fiber the other day and it looked like a funky science project!

The family was all hanging out in the living room watching some t.v. when our Tinker Bell decided to sit on Hubby ~ she is straddling his neck~ she's a cookie dog!

Ok, last picture! While at Sea World we were walking out and saw this~ all the White things are birds! This might not be such an odd site to some but here in Michigan, your friendly Mitten state, we don't see this!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Tomorrow is "D" day!!!

I feel like today is my last day to live!!! Tomorrow is back to work and then Girl Scouts! Not to mention I haven't even thought about what we are going to do at GS tomorrow night!! Well enough of that~
Here's a picture of my Orange sewing room! The art work on the wall is from~
Starting from the top right corner~
Teesha Moore ~
Camilla Rose Garcia ~
Michael DeMeng ~
Randi Feuerhaelm-Watts ~
I just love looking at my wall of wonderful art!! See it's not as Orange as you thought now is it??

I feel like I am making some progress with my projects today!! I made the girls at work those fleece blankets that you tie at the ends last Christmas~ well their dogs took them over so I bought fleece to make the dogs one and finally a year later completed the task!!!Yeah, 1 project down 500 to go~

I also started one of the Bandana quilts that I had staring at me~ it's orange and a dark red I'm thinking it would make a good lap quilt for my sewing room~ no picture of it yet but I plan on getting it done real soon. I did however whip up this apron from a flour sack and a placemat! I love it~ ya know how you have a vision and most of the time it doesn't turn out like your vision? Well this one did! Yeah!!

Ok, one more picture!! I washed wool this weekend and yes my house smells bad! But here's how dirty it was~ you can't even see my hand!

Gotta run maybe I can get something else finished before I hit the hay!!



Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year~ New Projects!!

I have been thinking of my resolution for 3 days now and Here's what I have come up with!
*Look people in the eye when I'm walking by, or even when I exchange words~ I think it's a self esteem thing but I always kick myself after the moment has pasted that I should have made eye contact!
*Finish projects~ I have lots of great idea's now I have to excute them!!

We made family ones on New year's eve here they are~
* Eat at the table as a family (my daughter came up with that one)
* Spend more time together (my son's idea)
* To make healthier meals (mine)
* To get us in shape (dad's)

On another note~ I'm not sure if any of you had mother's like this but when I was little and had to go to the bathroom in a public place we had to line the seat with toilet paper~ I'm guessing there's alot of people out there like this that's why they have those seat covers! Well while on a retreat with my friend Tawnya, she's a nurse, informed me that I couldn't catch anything from sitting on a toilet seat~ so I have broke my toilet lining habit and now I just wipe the seat , don't want anyone else pee on meee! Now every time I go potty in public I think of Tawnya!!

Here's one of my projects that I finished!! Her name is LuLu I can't get the picture right side up so I hope you don't get a kink in your neck:)

That's all for now~ I have to get the boiling wool off the stove before hubby comes home and has a fit over the barn yard smell!!!



Thursday, December 29, 2005

I should be a better Poster to my Blog!

You'd think with my time off that I would be posting daily! Oh, I do think of it everyday I am just to lazy to do it!!
I am in the process of Painting and Organizing my sewing room~ It's Orange with a brownish orange color for the trim. My husband says when he's in the room he feels like he got swallowed up by an Orange! Not to mention whenever he paints our room~ which is in the middle of being painted cowboy boot brown, he thinks he smells chocolate!!
I still feel like I have so much to do and so little time! Isn't that how it works I guess! I think if I finished all my projects and what nots' there would just be more around the corner!
Here's a picture of my Moose, my daughter had to put her doll hat one him, he didn't mind!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

What's in my Purse?

Well I was reading Camilla's Blog and she did this and I thought it was a cool idea so here it is~ I dumped my purse out and took a picture ~ now this isn't how it fell out or else you wouldn't be able to see anything. I do carry a large purse!~

Ok let's see what we have here:

2 cameras~ one is a color splash, never know when that lomo picture might pop up!

Wallet & change purse~ don't know why.

Lip gloss, chapstick, lip stick and more than one of each~ never know what you'll be wearing!

Advil~ for one of those days.

$2 winning lottery ticket~ almost not worth the effort.

receipts, deposit slips for me and work~but nicely in an envelope!

Christmas card from the Boss with a little moola in it!

JoAnn's ad and a Christmas as that my husband wants~ didn't get it don't think I would get it in time!

PonyTail holders

Powder for those shiny days.

Keys and 1 set isn't even mine!

Bouncy Ball~ don't know where that came from.

Airfreshener for the car~ doesn't belong in my purse or does it?

Necklace Barbe Saint John gave me for x-mas


Film in case I run out!

Lamb tape measure~ never know when you need to know how long something is.

1 glove~ where's the other one??


Breath mints


Necklace that my daughter has to make

I think that is it!

I have to go clean it all up now!



Monday, December 19, 2005

First Day off!

It was my first day off and I couldn't get anything done! I kept going from one thing to another and not finishing much! But I did finish 2 of Goober's family members~ Honey & Andrew they are so cute I don't know if I can let them go~ they are up on my website so if you can give them a happy home they would love it~if not I will keep them for myself!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Weekend at the Cabin

My husband took the whole family, dogs too, up to the Cabin this weekend. There wasn't much to do so I spun most of the afternoon and evening yesterday and pumped one lump out today! Here's a picture of some of the lumps.

Then on the way home we noticed this "Shoe Tree" not sure why this is done but it looks cool none the less and maybe we'll even add a pair next time!!

Now I'm off for 3 weeks ~ just have to go in and do payroll after Christmas! Oh the crafting that will be going on! Stay tuned and I will post what I have created!